Assisting a vulnerable asylum seeker

Mrs. J.B., a 66 years old Afghan woman, first visited our offices in May, 2017 asking for legal assistance concerning her family reunification case. She is extremely vulnerable given that, apart from her age, she is also deaf.

During her registration at the Greek Asylum Service, which took place in February, 2017, she had asked for family reunification with her daughter in Finland, but she had not submitted any relevant documents.

When we contacted the Greek Dublin Unit to support this case, we were informed that they were not willing to send a take charge request to Finland, on the grounds that there were no documents to prove any humanitarian circumstances. At that point, we highlighted the particular vulnerability of this case and we started gathering all the necessary documents to support a take charge request.

Thanks to our good cooperation with the social worker who is working at the shelter that accommodates Mrs. J.B., we managed to gather all the relevant documents so as to point out her health situation and prove her dependency on her daughter in Finland.

Recently, we got informed that our efforts were successful and the Finnish authorities accepted her family reunification request some days ago!