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About ClimbAID

ClimbAID is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster the physical and psycho-social development of refugee children and teenagers through climbing.

Climbing stimulates the mind, fosters their physical development, builds a sense of
community and cultivates feelings of accomplishment.

Climbing helps to cope with the psychological stress of conflict and the social
marginalisation many experiences from living at the edge of society.

ClimbAID will facilitate inter-cultural exchange through a sport, which creates
positive emotions and connects individuals through a universal language.

Our Projects

Maximinimum is a joint initiative of ClimbAID and the Minimum Bouldering Gym, which allows refugees to participate in bouldering sessions and interact with Zurich’s climbing community. Our plan is to have no plan, but simply having a good time and sharing the pleasures of a good bouldering session.

As of today, ClimbAID organises maxiMiNimum sessions three times a week with AOZ (Asyl Organisation Zürich) and welcome2school. Let us know if you want to participate!
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A Rolling Rock

Building a mobile climbing wall on a truck, drive it from one refugee camp to another and climb with the kids?

That’s exactly what ClimbAID’s project “A Rolling Rock” in Lebanon is about; our goal is to build a climbing wall on a truck and bring climbing activities to refugee and underprivileged Lebanese children in Lebanon.
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Wichtiges Update Oktober 2018

Wir arbeiten derzeit an einer neuen Version von, aus diesem Grund ist es derzeit leider nicht möglich sich für Newsletter anzumelden. Bitte kontaktiere uns via, wenn du Teil der HONORABL-Familie werden willst und wir melden uns umgehend bei dir, sobald die neue Website online ist!


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