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WITH the people - not FOR them!

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The Project

The One Happy Family community center (OHF) is not being built and run for refugees, but with them.
Together with people from different nations, volunteers and fled people, it has become a community. The people from the refugee camps of Lesvos, Greece, are not only engaged in building and running but also in idea finding and decision making. That’s how we want to give them back some independence, automotive and a sense of responsibility. Those people often live in total dependency of governmental help and NGOs. Most of them don’t want that. They want to help themselves. Self-determined instead of determined by others.

At the moment we have 21 running projects, every day between 500 - 1'000 people come to the OHF. They can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the center, “buy” stuff with our own “money”, read books, play games and just be.

Our aim is to give a piece of dignity and self-determination back to the thousands of people which are stuck on Lesvos.

The Journal

Volunteer Story: Anja

#OneHappyFamily is a safe place were people can learn from each other and where people get the opportunity to use their skills and share this with others.
It would be good if everyone once experiences how it is to work here so they can see what is actually going on. I knew before I came here that living in the camps was hard, but I didn’t realise how many things are actually going wrong here on this island.'

Anja volunteered in One Happy Family for almost 2 months. She was coordinating the adult school, the youth space and the guitar classes, drove shuttles and also helped out wherever she was needed.
With a sad eye we say 'see you next time' to Anja today and wish her a good start back home. Thank you for your energy, your smile, your support, thank you for everything! 💛

#togetherforthebetter #ohflesvos

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One Happy Family Community Center
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One Happy Family
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