VoCHabular stands for an inclusive society, where everybody has the same starting position to learn German and Swiss-German

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The Project

VoCHabular is a project and an association. Our main goal is to develop an autodidactic language guide that will be available as an app and in print. Our primary target group is people who arrived as refugees in Switzerland, especially if they don’t have access to language courses. Unlike other language books, voCHabular doesn’t only teach standard German but also introduces readers to learning and understanding Swiss German. VoCHabular stands out from other textbooks because it provides explanations, tips for daily life in Switzerland and vocabulary lists in many different languages.

Example from the Language Guide

Currently, voCHabular is available in English, Arabic and Persian. We are also planning versions in Amharisch, French, Tigrinya, Tamil and other languages. Our goal is facilitating integration through language, as well as supporting communication and exchange between Swiss citizens, people who arrived in Switzerland as refugees and anyone else residing in Switzerland.

The project is carried out by more about 50 volunteers. The team includes a diverse group of young people, some from Switzerland, some from abroad. This diversity makes our project special. Everyone contributes to the project with their personal knowledge and experience.

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Important Update October 2018

We are currently working on a new version of HONORABL.com and it is currently not possible to sign up for a newsletter. Please contact us via contact@honorabl.com if you want to be part of the HONORABL-Family and we will contact you as soon as the new website is online!

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Verein VoCHabular
3001 Bern

Send us an email at info@vochabular.ch
Or call us at +41 (0)79 830 16 23 - Anna Elena Schmid, project coordinator

Anna Elena Schmid, Co-Project Coordinator

Lisa Marti, Co-Project Coordinator