The Ankaa Project

Build with the tools you have, not the cards you were dealt.

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The Project

The Ankaa Project is an initiative working with refugees in Athens to support individuals after their displacement. We are a cooperation of people from different backgrounds working together to encourage participation and communication amongst the Athens community. We work with people on personally tailored programmes supported by a collaborative network and self-led workspaces to target skill development, vocational training, language, entrepreneurship, education and employment opportunities.

Workspaces for skill exchange, collaboration and social enterprise

Aim: to develop, share and showcase kills.

Culinary Arts: Kitchen and Café, Barista training and Management

IT Lab: Basic IT skills and competency, Coding and Programming, Software Training

Media Department: Film, Photography, Media studies, Journalism and Advocacy

Language: English and Greek

Trade and Design: Barbershop, Carpentry, Metalwork, Tailoring

We want to provide people with access to resources and reliable information so that individuals can begin to rebuild their lives.
The situation for refugees in Greece has meant that priority has been given to emergency aid rather than focusing on development. Rather than trying to provide the solution, we will provide people with the tools to create their own solutions.

The Journal

ANKAA: Under Construction

This story began with a group of people who, on arrival to Greece in search of safety, were reduced to numbers, to beneficiaries, to children.

Strong, resilient, clever, talented, capable people have been grouped as “refugees” and by accepting and repeating this term, we have encouraged stereotyping, segregation and discrimination.

For ANKAA: this stops at the front door. We want to know what you did before, what you do now, and who do you want to be.

By coming together with a group of people who have suffered, witnessed and experienced this situation, we decided to stop talking and just get to work. We have moved into a building that was an old appliances factory and we have been busy clearing and cleaning what was left of three workshops and dusty office spaces.

The aim of the game is to upcycle everything!

Last week: Shipments of material donations from Luxembourg for our Tailors, Chefs, Language learners and IT nerds arrived in search of a home in our building. We have also begun inviting other teams, groups, and individuals to see the space which has introduced new ideas, fresh perspectives, and opportunities for collaboration!

Now: The workshop boys have been busy making couches for our barbers and desks for our IT lab out of pallets and scrap wood. Meanwhile, the renovation team turned their focus to repairing a leaking roof for our Tailor’s Workshop and walls for our Barbershop.

Next: An old electronics workshop with a wonderful view of the Acropolis will undergo a complete transformation to become our Kitchen and Café. Using old materials left in the building (metal tables, bits of wood, iron frames, a sink, pallets etc.), we will complete our Culinary Arts Department.

Keep following for insights from members of the team and a video of our renovation as we move towards our opening!

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Important Update October 2018

We are currently working on a new version of and it is currently not possible to sign up for a newsletter. Please contact us via if you want to be part of the HONORABL-Family and we will contact you as soon as the new website is online!

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We also welcome a different kind of support: Your Voice. Our project is about collaboration and the sharing of ideas and opinions. Whether you are an individual, group, business or project, your ideas can impact our project. Ankaa is about creating a supportive and expansive network that connects people from all different backgrounds all over the world.

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